What is Tile Edge Trim & Tile Edge Trim Ideas

Don’t miss out this tiny yet necessary touch after you are done with your tiling project for your space. The right finish can transform your boring raw edges into a striking refined tile finish.


What is Tile Edge Trim?

Once the tiling process is complete, the edges look rough and unfinished. The tile edge trim helps in creating a smooth illusion and hides the unevenness of the transition between the floor tiles and the wall tiles. There are 4 types of tile edge trims. These include ceramic or porcelain trims, plastic trims, metal trims, and finally stone trims. Let us take a look at a few tile edge trim ideas that would seamlessly complement your space.


Tile Edge Trim Ideas

Tile edge trims come in various designs, textures, and colours. You can be as original as possible and create a personalised design for your room.


  • Shower Niche Trim

The best way to declutter all those shampoo bottles is to install a shower niche trim. Besides the space it provides, it also helps create a contrast for your bathroom. The contrast makes the bathroom look more spacious to the eye. One can even use a matte black tile edge trim to emphasise the symmetry throughout the room.

  • Backsplash Trims

Backsplash designs are perfect for your kitchen wall. The backsplash can cover an entire kitchen wall or occupy the space between the cabinets and the countertop. The backsplash material can vary depending on the mood you would like to set for your kitchen. Retro, modern, or sophisticated? You can use a round edge tile trim for any style of kitchen countertop. This would make your kitchen look great and provide a cozy atmosphere. A rounded pencil trim also works great for backsplashes.

  • Floor Tile Edge Trims

Floor tile edge trims help distinguish the wall from the floor. They also help smoothen the rough edges of the floor and prevent the room from looking predictable and boring. The tile edge trim corners make it easier to clean and maintain.

Floor trims can have contrasting colours or can even be subtly used to make an impression on the person who enters the room. The type of material that can be suggested for floor trims depends on your floor transitions.

  • Metal Trims

These work the best with glass tiles. They are preferably used for the kitchen or the bathroom. Metal trims accentuate the finish of the tile and also transform the room dynamically. They work best when placed near high-end appliances or a bathtub.

  • V Caps

V caps help to finish the perpendicular corners perfectly. They are popularly used for windowsill finishes. Most of the time people underestimate the beauty of a smooth finish of a windowsill. You can even add plants to style your interior better.

  • Flatliners

This refers to a straight edge tile trim that is usually used to frame mosaic patterns. Sometimes, they are also used to help enhance the change from tile to wood. You can create a dramatic flair by even glazing these edges.

  • Quarter Rounds

As the name suggests, this trim is quarter round. It is another option when you are dealing with perpendicular corners. This type of trimming makes a great difference in your bathroom and provides a unique geometric setting to the space.


Choosing the Right Roof Tile Edge Trim

Installing a roof tile edge trim increases the durability of the roof and provides a frame to your roof that looks elegant from a distance. The idea of installing roof tile edge trim may seem like a frivolous luxury but it can protect your house in the future. The use of flat roof tile edge trims prevents damage caused by rains. The dampness caused by rains may lead to mould forming on the walls and cause serious damage in the future.


Why is Tile Edge Trim after Tiling Important?

After spending meticulous time and money in choosing the right tile for each room, it would not be wise to have the edges looking rough and unfinished. In fact, the tile edge trim will help make your room look sleek and well-detailed. The colour and design of the tile pop out when the tile trim is installed. Any designer would recommend that the right tile edge trim not only plays a role in filling those ugly gaps but also provides an aesthetic finish. It would also help in the long term maintenance of your tiles. Unfinished tiles are more liable to crack or chip off. Thus, the tile edge trim protects your tiles from damage. Give a finished look to your tiles by adding tile edge trims!