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Metro Beige Polished Tile 10x20 cm


Black Flat Glossy Tile 10x20 cm

£20.89 £14.99

Noce Vein Cut Travertine Polished 30.5x30.5 cm


Ivory Vein Cut Travertine Polished 30.5x30.5 cm


Ceramic White Polished Tile 30x60 cm


Marfil Beige Polished Stone Effect Tile 30x60 cm

£18.99 £14.99

Parel White Matt Concrete Effect Tile 30x60 cm

£18.99 £14.99

Calacatta Marmi Glossy Marble Effect Tile 30x60 cm

£18.99 £14.99

Wood Art Brown Matt Porcelain Tile 18.5x59.8 cm


Wood Art White Matt Porcelain Tile 18.5x59.8 cm


Wood Art Light Grey Matt Porcelain Tile 18.5x59.8 cm


Wood Art Dark Brown Matt Porcelain Tile 18.5x59.8 cm


Metro White Polished Tile 10x20 cm


Carrara HD White Matt Tile 30x60 cm

£19.99 £15.99

Select Beige Matt Tile 30x60 cm


Titan Anthracite Matt Tile 30x60 cm


Titan Beige Matt Tile 30x60 cm


Titan Grey Matt Tile 30x60 cm



Wall Tiles  

Wall tiles are a perfect combination between creativity and durability. If you want a sustainable long-term option, low maintenance, and still providing you the freedom of innovation, wall tiles are the best option to decorate your space. 


Usage of Wall Tiles 

Wall tiles are versatile; they are minimalistic but add an elegant look to your home and workspace. Wall tiles are resistant to dust and scratches, and they are less susceptible to moisture and bacteria, so it is a durable and hygienic option. They are cool to touch during your hot day in the kitchen. Wall tiles can add an overall cooling effect by reflecting the heat and make the temperature bearable. Cheap wall tiles are readily available compared to costlier options like natural stones such as marble or granite, making them more desirable.


Grey Wall Tiles for Wall Decoration 

Grey is a color that is simple but elegant. Decorating your environment with grey wall tiles resonates with different moods based upon the shade you choose.  

Darker shades give off a dramatic and exquisite backdrop, and when combined with good lighting and bright coloured furniture, you get a contrasting urban scheme to your home. In contrast, lighter tones of ceramic grey tiles emanate calm and serene looks.  

You can also experiment with various spectra of grey and create checkered designs. Grey is the perfect neutral colour to install as a decorative wall tile for building and public workspaces. 


Patterned Wall Tiles: Stylish Home Decor  

Wall tiles offer an excellent room for creative expression. Not only can you play with different colors and patterns, but there are different shapes too, like the hexagon wall tiles can be used to build vintage-looking honeycomb patterns or a graphic wall with various color schemes and designs.  

Mosaic wall tiles can bring out personality to a room using different chromatics and tones. They don’t chip and withstand water and heat, so they are preferred in the kitchen and bathroom. Black wall tiles are also installed in the kitchen since they hide the stain allowing you to have a chic and presentable kitchen anytime.    

Marble wall tile offers light-reflecting properties. It creates a feeling of spaciousness and brings positivity to the home. 

The mirror wall tile allows you to alter the dimensions of the room. They can be placed in appropriate positions to create an optical illusion of a visually expanded workspace and concentrate the lighting by using natural lighting. 

Patterned wall tiles can be fun to play with; you can throw in random patterns and create an entirely new design or go for an abstract look. If patterns seem too extravagant, you can opt to install a single color like green wall tiles or blue wall tiles and go for a monochromatic theme that is visually transfixing. 

If you prefer realistic wooden panels, find them difficult to maintain due to their vulnerability to moisture and fungus. Then, wooden wall tiles are the best alternative that provides an authentic experience but provides easier maintenance. 

Elevate the style of your building and surroundings, not just your home space; use outdoor wall tiles to decorate the building structure. Glass wall tiles are a great choice to install on the patio. They allow you to enjoy the scenic view and relax with your family. 

White wall tiles add vibrance to the building and give off a sharp look to the existing structure and showcase a sense of serenity. Stonewall tiles can create a rustic and rugged texture to the building and are used to decorate the fireplace due to their heat-resistant properties.



There is a vast range of options available for decorative wall tiles in the UK, like grey wall tiles, whitewall tiles, mosaic wall tiles, and more for you to choose and furnish your home and workspace. Browse through various options to find your unique style for the outdoors and make a statement and stand out amongst the neighbourhood.


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