Top Outdoor Tiles for Your Patio Makeover

Key Takeaway Table

Tile TypeBenefitsAestheticDurability
Porcelain Paving SlabsLow maintenanceModern lookExtremely durable
Natural StoneUnique appealLuxurious touchNaturally resilient
Concrete SlabsAffordableContemporary feelHard-wearing
Quarry TilesTraditional charmRustic appealCost-effective durability


Creating the perfect outdoor living space starts from the ground up, literally. Choosing the right patio tiles can make or break the ambiance and functionality of your outdoor area. We, at our store, understand the weight of this decision and are here to guide you through some of the best options available for your patio's foundation.


Porcelain Paving Slabs - The Durable Choice

Porcelain paving slabs offer a strong and low-maintenance foundation for your patio. These slabs are built to last, with a resistance to scratches, stains, and weather wear that makes them a practical choice for any outdoor setting. Our Earth White Porcelain Paving Slabs 60x90 cm are a perfect example of this durability combined with style. Their clean and modern look can brighten up any patio space.


Earth White Porcelain Paving Slabs 60x90 cm   


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Their slip-resistant surface is ideal for areas that will see a lot of foot traffic or might get wet. Plus, they come in a multitude of color options and styles to cater to different tastes. Our Crossover Grey Outdoor Porcelain Paving Slab 60x120 cm shows how easily porcelain paving can add sophistication to a functional space.


Crossover Grey Outdoor Porcelain Paving Slab 60x120 cm


Natural Stone - Elegance Meets Nature

There's something timeless about the sophisticated appearance of natural stone tiles. Each piece brings its own story with unique textures and shades, from the deep grays of slate to the warm hues of travertine. Natural stone tiles effortlessly weave the beauty of nature into your outdoor living area, lending an elegant, organic look to your patio.


Concrete Slabs - Contemporary and Versatile

Concrete tiles have been gaining traction in modern design, thanks to their versatility and contemporary appearance. They can mimic various textures and come in an array of shades, making them a fitting choice for personalized outdoor spaces that make a statement. Whether you prefer a smooth finish or a more rugged look, concrete tiles offer plenty of options to suit your design preferences.


Quarry Tiles - Traditional and Cost-Effective

For those who love a classic look, quarry tiles may be the way to go. Their natural, earthy tones bring a comfortable, homely feel to any patio. Beyond their traditional appeal, they are highly durable and are an affordable option for those looking to revamp their outdoor space without breaking the bank.



When it comes to selecting tiles for a stylish and durable patio, there are a variety of options to choose from. Porcelain paving slabs offer longevity and ease, while also providing safety and a burst of color. Natural stone brings uniqueness and elegance, whereas concrete tiles give free rein to contemporary creativity. 

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As we wrap up this guide, we urge you to take the next step in your patio makeover. Drop by our store or browse our expansive online selection. The perfect tiles to revamp your outdoor living space await you here at Tiles DIY. Let us help you make your patio as inviting as your home.

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