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Vision Bone Semi Polished Tile 30.5x60.5 cm

£29.99 £14.99

Volcano White Semi Polished Tile 30x60 cm

£29.99 £14.99

Graphite Polished Concrete Effect Tile 60x60 cm

£29.99 £14.99

Wood Art Brown Matt Porcelain Tile 18.5x59.8 cm


Wood Art White Matt Porcelain Tile 18.5x59.8 cm


Wood Art Light Grey Matt Porcelain Tile 18.5x59.8 cm


Wood Art Dark Brown Matt Porcelain Tile 18.5x59.8 cm


Carrara HD White Matt Tile 30x60 cm

£19.99 £15.99

Select Beige Matt Tile 30x60 cm


Titan Anthracite Matt Tile 30x60 cm


Titan Beige Matt Tile 30x60 cm


Titan Grey Matt Tile 30x60 cm


Aspen Anthracite Matt Marble Effect Tile 60x60 cm

£29.99 £17.99

Ariman Grey Matt Tile 30x60 cm


Earth Grey Matt Tile 29.8x60 cm

£32.99 £19.99

Manhattan Grey Matt Stone Effect Tile 60x60 cm

£32.99 £19.99

Manhattan Dark Grey Matt Stone Effect Tile 60x60 cm

£32.99 £19.99

Manhattan Beige Matt Stone Effect Tile 60x60 cm

£32.99 £19.99


Porcelain Tiles 

You browse websites looking for tiles to revamp your bathroom and garden areas. Confused with the options, you look at the beautiful tile collections with your dilemma of ‘ceramic vs porcelain tiles’ only to be informed that the difference lies in the way they are crafted. Read on to know more.


Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles: Which One Should You Choose?

While both tiles are made of a clay blend, Porcelain tiles comprise dense natural clay, finely-ground sand and feldspar. Next, the tiles are moulded and kiln-fired to reduce the tiles' water content, gaps, and weight. In comparison to Ceramic tiles, the firing of Porcelain tiles is done at extremely high temperatures (ranging from 2,200 to 2,500°F) and for elongated periods to completely eliminate moisture. 


Porcelain derives two benefits from this process : 

  • Porosity: With a distinct absorption rate of less than 0.5%, Porcelain is less porous and more slip-resistant. Hence, if you expect high moisture levels (like in a bathroom) - Porcelain is the way to go. 


  • Durability: Always check the PEI rating (an abrasion resistance rating out of 5) before opting for tile - Porcelain's rating ranges from 3 to 5, whereas ceramic is around 3. Porcelain's higher rating indicates that it is more scratch and crack resistant and long-lasting. 


Porcelain is most often used in areas with greater footfalls like commercial spaces, kitchens, bathrooms or other common areas. However, it tends to be slightly higher priced than ceramic tiles - (Pro tip: lay out porcelain tiles effectively to make it more economical).  

Did you know that even the most low-quality and cheap porcelain tiles last an impressive duration of 20 years? Hence, with its benefits outweighing its costs, porcelain tiles will ensure you get a return on your initial investment.


White Porcelain Tiles: Stylish & Decorative

White tiles do not necessarily reflect a plain or boring style. While some think it limits decor ideas, the options are limitless! With the right design in mind, white porcelain tiles can blend into any space and transform it into an elegant and luxurious room. 

If you are looking to bring an aura of peace and tranquillity into an area at an affordable cost, then you don't need to search long as white tiles tend to be the most economical in the tile collection. Since white shades radiate light, it also tends to make the room appear spacious. Interestingly, these pristine tiles adapt well to any style and can be perfectly clubbed with any highlighter tile of any colour or design. Its usage is not only limited to decorated or brightly coloured tiles but also goes well with other neutral shades: grey porcelain tiles or cream porcelain tiles. Don’t just stop at hues -Think glossy or matt porcelain tiles or even stone effects, wood effects and marble effect porcelain tiles. So go ahead, add a dash of white to your room decor and re-create any space you wish.


Outdoor Porcelain Tiles for Your Garden

Porcelain makes tiles denser, heavier, and impervious to water. Hence, outdoor porcelain tiles are perfect for tiling in garden areas and even for a patio. The thickness of standard porcelain tiles is between 8mm-10mm; however, for gardens and exteriors, 20mm porcelain tiles are designed and manufactured. Since they are twice as thick as standard porcelain tiles, they are superior in strength and impact resistance. Thanks to digital printing, porcelain tiles for outdoor applications are specifically designed with more aesthetically appealing looks such as wood, natural stone, and concrete. With excellent weather-resistant properties, external porcelain tiles are fireproof and won’t crack even in the harshest of winters.


Porcelain Tiles UK

The climate in the UK can be described as cool, cloudy and rainy. Are porcelain tiles a good option for such weather? Yes ! Porcelain tiles are the perfect option to keep your feet warm and comfy on cold mornings against ceramic tiles, which tend to stay cool. Further, Porcelain tiles also work well with underfloor heating systems providing year-long comfort. Due to their unparalleled versatility, porcelain tiles are not only practical and functional but also act like aesthetic enhancements as well. 


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