Make your kitchen blissful yet practical with our exciting and stylish collection of kitchen floor tiles and kitchen wall tiles. Tiles are a great option for the kitchen and can be used in various ways, including as decorative kitchen splashback tiles. We closely follow the trends and carefully source high-quality tiles directly from factories around the globe to suit any preference. 


Kitchen Tiles Ideas

There are endless ways to create a visually pleasing look with kitchen tiles. When it comes to interior design, your style should reflect your own personality and tiles are no exception. We aim to cover any kitchen tiles ideas with our comprehensive hard-wearing, low-maintenance ranges from cool and tranquil grey kitchen tiles to clean and elegant white kitchen tiles.

With so many options available we’ll help you focus on the things that really matter. Let’s narrow them down to 3 things to consider when choosing your kitchen tiles: Style, colour and tile size.   


    1. Which styles are the most saught-after?

The trend for metro tiles in kitchens has become increasingly popular in recent years. They are versatile with so many different ways to position these tiles; laid in a brick formation, chevron patterns or stacked with straight grout lines.

Marble effect tiles are cost-effective and practical in your kitchen. If you fancy the natural look, but the marble isn't for you, subtle looking stone effect tiles may just suit your style.  

Concrete effect tiles are modern kitchen tiles that have a contemporary look. You can create an eye-catching pattern combining them with wood-effect plank tiles. Wood effect tiles can be very charming and practical if you are after a warm and charming look. Unlike timber, these incredibly hard-wearing tiles won’t discolour, rot or warp in time.   


    2. Which Colour is the best for kitchen tiles?

To create a modern and open feeling in your kitchen, you should opt for timeless colours and combinations such as white kitchen tiles or grey kitchen tiles. When you’re planning on making a statement in your kitchen opt for black kitchen tiles or brown kitchen tiles. A neutral but not understated look can be achieved by green kitchen tiles


    3. Choosing The Right Size Tile

We often get asked to help with kitchen tiles ideas for flooring. When tiling your kitchen floor, large tiles work perfectly well as they show fewer grout lines and give a spacious feel.



Kitchen Wall Tiles

For kitchen splashbacks, it is tempting to opt for smaller tiles such as mosaic tiles or metro tiles as they are available in a multitude of colours and patterns. They certainly add more style to your kitchen.

Another option to achieve a contemporary and subtle look is going for the same ceramic or porcelain tiles both for the floor and the walls.. .


Kitchen Floor Tiles

A multi-purpose space that is used numerous times a day should perform well. Finding the right floor tile is essential to provide a safe and durable surface that is both stylish and practical. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are both great options for renovating your kitchen. However, when choosing one over the other has benefits for certain times. Ceramic tiles are good and relatively cheap kitchen tiles. They are softer and less dense. As porcelain tiles absorb less water, they are nearly waterproof. More hard-wearing and perfect material for kitchen floor tiles. .

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