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Noce Vein Cut Travertine Polished 30.5x30.5 cm


Ivory Vein Cut Travertine Polished 30.5x30.5 cm


Vision Bone Semi Polished Tile 30.5x60.5 cm

£29.99 £14.99

Volcano White Semi Polished Tile 30x60 cm

£29.99 £14.99

Graphite Polished Concrete Effect Tile 60x60 cm

£29.99 £14.99

Wood Art Brown Matt Porcelain Tile 18.5x59.8 cm


Wood Art White Matt Porcelain Tile 18.5x59.8 cm


Wood Art Light Grey Matt Porcelain Tile 18.5x59.8 cm


Wood Art Dark Brown Matt Porcelain Tile 18.5x59.8 cm


Carrara HD White Matt Tile 30x60 cm

£19.99 £15.99

Select Beige Matt Tile 30x60 cm


Titan Anthracite Matt Tile 30x60 cm


Titan Beige Matt Tile 30x60 cm


Titan Grey Matt Tile 30x60 cm


Aspen Anthracite Matt Marble Effect Tile 60x60 cm

£29.99 £17.99

Ariman Grey Matt Tile 30x60 cm


Timberwood Carmel Matt Porcelain Tile 20x120 cm


Timberwood Forest Matt Porcelain Tile 20x120 cm



Floor Tiles 

Floor tiles are the perfect addition to your home or workspace and emphasize the architectural design of your building in a unique manner. Choose the right type of tiles for your building and add that flair to your surroundings. 

Laying a new set of tiles has got to be on your bucket list if you are looking to renovate or refurbish your house. Made of porcelain or ceramic, floor tiles are the perfect choice for your living room or kitchen.  


Grey Floor Tiles 

A pinch of elegance, style, and versatile nature is associated with the colour grey. There’s nothing like adding that plush colour to your space by laying grey floor tiles. They are mostly made up of ceramic and porcelain. 

There are different designs of grey floor tiles that vary in chromatic intensity. For instance, some tile designs would have a brighter tone of grey, which could be used in rooms or environments that ooze a warm feeling. Similarly, lighter tones of grey could be used in areas with a calm or peaceful outlook. Grey ceramic floor tiles are one of the best choices for most homes and common building spaces. 


Wood Effect Floor Tiles

Did you know that you can transform the appearance of a concrete floor into a wooden floor with tiles? Yes, that’s right, wood effect floor tiles give you that magnificent feeling of living in a cabin far away from civilization. An atmosphere can be transformed into a posh environment through floor tiles that give you a premium feel as if you are walking on a wooden floor.  

Wooden floors demand increased maintenance and are prone to corrosion. Instead of installing wooden floorboards over your concrete floor, use wood effect floor tiles that will save extra effort and cost less. These tiles are also known as plank or parquet tiles; they are created in various shades with different types of coating with coloured body porcelain or stoneware. These materials are the perfect substitute for wooden floors and give an identical look. Some tiles are glossy, making the floor look like it is paved by well-polished wood.  

Wood effect floor tiles are made up of ceramic or porcelain parquet that has a strikingly similar resemblance to natural wood. Some popular ones include classic wood tiles, burnt wood tiles, antique wood tiles, white wood tiles, grey wood tiles, and natural wood tiles.


Outdoor Floor Tiles

Adorn your surroundings with outdoor floor tiles to enhance the appearance of your house. It would also act as a perfect contrast with the overall building architecture. You can use a wide range of floor tiles for your outdoor garden, outdoor seating space, swimming pools, etc.,  

White floor tiles are the perfect addition for the outdoors as they give a premium look to your building when seen from the outside. Marble effect floor tiles are also a wise choice for the outdoors as they are highly resilient, durable, and an excellent insulator. They reflect light and are an affordable option to choose from. Mosaic floor tiles, black and white floor tiles, and stone effect floor tiles are also great for your outdoors. 

Yet another popular option for your outdoor space is porcelain floor tiles, as they come in different designs and unique colours. Highly resistant to wear and tear, porcelain tiles are moisture-resistant, easy to maintain, and clean. They are manufactured as matte, glazed, polished, double charged, full-body, and textured and stone finished. Choose the type that suits your building type and blends with your interior design.


Make Perfect Impression with Floor Tiles

There is a wide range of floor tiles such as grey floor tiles, porcelain floor tiles, wood effect floor tiles, and more for you to choose from. Build the right pavement for your building with floor tiles made of porcelain, marble, mosaic, and ceramic. Pick the right type of tiles for bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, workspaces, and the outdoors to make a perfect impression on visitors.  


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