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Metro Beige Polished Tile 10x20 cm


Ceramic White Polished Tile 30x60 cm


Black Flat Glossy Tile 10x20 cm

£20.89 £14.99

Marfil Beige Polished Stone Effect Tile 30x60 cm

£18.99 £14.99

Parel White Matt Concrete Effect Tile 30x60 cm

£18.99 £14.99

Calacatta Marmi Glossy Marble Effect Tile 30x60 cm

£18.99 £14.99

Metro White Polished Tile 10x20 cm


Metro Black Polished Tile 10x20 cm


Metro Grey Polished Tile 10x20 cm


Metro Red Polished Tile 10x20 cm


Grey Flat Matt Tile 10x30

£20.89 £18.99

Windsor Grey Décor Precut Polished Tile 25x60 cm

£21.99 £18.99

White Flat Glossy Tile 10x20 cm

£20.89 £18.99

White Bevelled Glossy Tile 10x30 cm

£28.59 £19.99

Ceramic White Polished Tile 25x40 cm


Agora White Polished Tile 45x45 cm


Molde Dark Grey Matt Tile 45x45 cm


Molde Light Grey Matt Tile 45x45 cm



Ceramic Tiles

Thinking of a tiling project? Let’s start with a few fun facts! 


How old? 6000 years, dating back to the Egyptian Era 

How durable? Rumoured to withstand the weight of 10 elephants

How versatile? Even used for insulation in rockets 

Read on to know more about Ceramic tiles. 


Ceramic Tiles UK

Did you know 11,000 ceramic tiles are part of an ongoing art installation in the UK? Today, the household tile has many uses due to its innate characteristics.


Porcelain vs Ceramic Tiles 

Tiles are moulded from water and clay and then placed under sweltering temperatures to reduce the innate moisture. However, do you know the difference between porcelain tiles vs ceramic tiles lies in their baking or firing process? While ceramic is fired at around 1,400-1,650°F, in contrast, porcelain is fired at an average scorching temperature of 2,300°F.  

Though they look similar, the difference lies in their water resistance and durability. While both tiles work well in rooms with high moisture content, ceramic is more susceptible to moisture infiltration. However, the upside is that ceramic has excellent heat resistance! (Remember the rockets?) Hence, they are great decorative highlighters near fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes, or closed vents!  


Secondly, porcelain is tougher than ceramic. Does that translate into ceramic tiles being delicate? No! Since it is less dense, ceramic is also less brittle and still represents a hard-wearing tile choice. They are still avoided in high-traffic areas and sometimes preferred on walls rather than floors. Further, if you are looking at alternatives to laminate or carpet flooring, ceramic is an ideal and economical choice.  

Yes, the biggest edge that ceramic has over Porcelain is cost. Generally, ceramic tiles prices tend to be more cost-effective than porcelain. Further, not only is the tile affordable, so is its installation. Ceramic is softer, and hence its tile is easier to cut. With porcelain tiles weighing significantly more, the time and cost involved in cutting and installing each tile are also consequently more. So go head and buy online some ceramic tile adhesive, grout & tools and kick-start your tiling project! With ceramic tiles being a more budget-friendly decision while still a durable and hard-wearing tile choice, why look elsewhere?


Decorative Ceramic Tiles for Your Home

Want to give your home a statement look? Are you still debating - porcelain vs ceramic tile for home redecoration? Here's a tip for you. If you are looking for a warmer look, choose ceramic which provides more artful, earthy and eye-catching looks. On the other hand, porcelain tiles add a more chic, elegant and aesthetic look to a room. 

Ceramic tiles provide a refreshing look as they are available in various hues and patterns. For instance, reluctant to try black ceramic tiles? However, black adds drama and makes a bold statement. You can even create a vivid contrast by mixing it with other neutral colours. Why not try the newest Moroccan style white and blue ceramic tiles, which give an exotic touch to the room. Create a focal point with the age-old Portuguese tiles, which have traditional blue designs on white ceramic tiles. What makes these decorative ceramic tiles unique is their ability to be custom-made as tile murals. 


White Ceramic Tiles

Is selecting a tile seeming like a tedious decision? Well, make it simple with classic white ceramic tiles. Today, many households are opting for the minimalist approach of all-white rooms making room for creative patterns like brick, bevel or penny-shaped tiles. Sometimes just combining big and small ceramic tiles can add character to the room. It is no secret that white gives off an aura of the room being bright, clean and spacious.

Hence ceramic tiles being functional and flexible is the optimal option to start with for your tiling project.


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