Bathroom Ideas and Advice
A bathroom is considered as an extension of the house’s personality, and hence the following primary considerations need to be understood:
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Garden Decoration Ideas
An article that encompasses various garden decoration ideas to make your home or workspace look appealing.
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How to Grout Tiles?
Looking to regrout your tiles? Don't be overwhelmed, it's not as tough as it sounds! Let us take you through the simple process, pre-requisites and tools involved.
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Painting Kitchen Cabinets
Do you look around your kitchen and feel that it looks mundane despite all the modern and hi-tech appliances? Kitchen cabinets over years are subjected to splashbacks and stains and end up looking frayed and worn out. However, don’t think of remodelling your kitchen yet. Instead, by just painting old kitchen cabinets and adding a dash of colour, a dull kitchen area transforms into a lively space.
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How to Tile a Wall?
Are you thinking of taking up a tiling project to revamp your home without professional help? This article will give you a perspective on the tiling process, even if you are a beginner. Read on to plan your tiling project even before you step into a hardware store.
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